Admission to Practice: Comparing Scotland and New York - Shared screen with speaker view
Fraser Grier
Link to Scottish Bar Association of New York website: https://www.scotbarny.org/
Fraser Grier
Please feel free to get in touch with any questions at: info@scotbarny.org
Amy Jasiewicz
Please feel free to email me to request the materials and bios from today's program at: ajasiewicz@nysba.org
Elaine Gibson
Can you speak to lawyers admitted in England and NY? How does this help, if at all in terms of qualifying in Scotland?
Can you identify any programs that prepare an American attorney to take the Scottish exams?
Rob Marrs
ElaineMany thanks for this. The QLA is for everyone - UK-qualified lawyers (England and Wales or Northern Ireland) will likely get more exemptions
Rob Marrs
English lawyers would gain exemptions from public law; obligations; European law and institutions; and professional conduct
Hemangi Kulkarni
I am a foreign educated attorney, admitted to Bar in India, currently in NY for my LL.M. with Fordham and planning to sit the NY Bar next year. What is the likelihood of me getting any exemptions if I plan to sit for the Scotland Bar?
Where do we find grounds for exemptions from one or more exams?
Does it make a difference for the NY Bar if I am a qualified solicitor in Scotland but don't have an honours? What preparation should we undertake for the NY Bar if we are Scottish qualified?
Rose Williams
Which universities in Scotland are accredited?
Rob Marrs
The ten accredited universities in Scotland are:1. Aberdeen2. Abertay3. Dundee4. Glasgow5. Glasgow Caledonian6. - RGU- Strathclyde
Rob Marrs
Sorry - hit enter too soonAberdeen, Abertay, Dundee, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier, Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, RGU, Stirling, Strathclyde
Once we qualify as a NY attorney, can we practise independently or do we have to be affiliated with a US law firm? What do most people do?
Greg Cunningham
What are the shelf lives for the NYSBA Exams and Multi State Ethics exam?
Rose Williams
Does the pro-bono work need to be undertaken in NY/US or can this be done abroad?
Amy Jasiewicz
Hemangi Kulkarni
Does the pro-bono work need to be undertaken in NY/US or can this be done abroad? - Rose I guess you can provide sufficient proof of 50 hours or pro-bono work even in your home country if you already did and have the paperwork to show to the NY Bar.
Mark Ritchie
Seconding the question on review courses for requalifying into Scotland. A quick Google search doesn't seem to turn up any useful results.
Rob Marrs
There aren't any courses as such although CLT Scotland has in the past done some and I know they are looking for that
Rob Marrs
*Looking to do that once again
Rob Marrs
Paul,As a NY lawyer and barrister you'd get the English exemptions :-)
John McAlary
The Pro Bono work does not need to be undertaken in the U.S.
Rob Marrs
(Actually, you'd likely get more as you've got a Scots law degree as well)
John McAlary
The shelf life for the NY Exams are as follows:
John McAlary
NY Bar Exam -shelf life is 3 years; MPRE - shelf life is four years; NYLawExam shelf life is three years.
Cameron McCrum
I am a Scottish qualified lawyer (University of Aberdeen - LLB with English Law) who is currently undertaking a LLM at the University of Pittsburgh. I have recently submitted all of the requisite documents to the New York Bar in order to take the exam in July 2022. Given this, I assume I will not be eligible to practice in other states even if they have adopted the UBE (unless it is in-house), as I do not have the J.D degree. Can you please confirm? Also, and I appreciate this is more of an immigration law question, but are you aware of any UK/Scottish lawyers that have successfully passed the NY Bar and have also been successful in practicing in New York - I am aware there are significant immigration hurdles to overcome ie H1B lottery visa etc
Anne LaBarbera
If we miss any questions, feel free to reach out to me at anne@alpc.law
John McAlary
When you are admitted in NY you have a general license to practice law. It is permissible to open your own practice but most new lawyers typically work with a law firm and obtain experience before setting out on their own.
Elaine Gibson
am Scottish, admitted in England and Wales, and have passed the NY Bar and work in Manhattan. I am happy to speak with anyone about the process.
Laura Brennan
Paul - apologies if you said this and I missed it but how long did it take you to qualify in the states after your LLM?
If are based in Scotland and wish to travel occasionally to the US for work purposes, would we need specific visas during those visits?
Rose Williams
If we were to undertake an LLM in New York which universities would you recommend?
John McAlary
If someone needs to obtain an LL.M. degree to qualify for the NY bar exam the LL.M. degree may be obtained at any American Bar Association approved law school located within the U.S. There are about 140 U.S. law schools that have an LL.M. or Masters Degree program.
Elaine Gibson
Can you get study materials to qualify from a NY/English lawyer to a Scottish solicitor
Rob Marrs
Information on Scottish solicitor requalification:https://www.lawscot.org.uk/qualifying-and-education/qualifying-as-a-scottish-solicitor/Alternatively email: Legaleduc@lawscot.org.uk
Stephanie McCance
If you are looking for pro bono work, I recommend contacting smaller NY organizations directly and asking if they have any remote work you can do. I got 50hrs through Empire Justice Center in Western New York.
Sylwia Jakuczun
Thanks Stephanie that's a great tip for the pro bono! Many thanks :)
Rob Marrs
My email is robmarrs@lawscot.org.uk. Thanks