Urgent Update: Progress in Presumptive ADR Initiative - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa M. Denig, Esq.
Depends. the digital surveys are sent to whoever the contact is for the mediation so if that's the attorney, then the attorney gets it. Right now, most of the administrators of the programs do not have the resources to follow up if the survey isn't answered.
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
Here are links to the mediation application and directory:
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
Directory: http://ww2.nycourts.gov/ip/adr/MedDirectory.shtml
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
If you're already on a court roster, and you would like to join another: email the local ADR coordinator for the court/roster to which you would like to apply. Mention you are already on a roster and in which courts/programs. You can use the information from your Mediator Directory entry, which you can send to yourself as a PDF and to the local ADR coordinator.
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
It's on the screen now and in the powerpoint: Yvonne Marin, ymarin@nycourts.gov
Ross Kartez
I need to leave a few minutes early for a 4pm call. Thank you so much for this -- you all are so great!
Hon. Joel R. Kullas (ret.)
For the faith based program in Westchester, there will be a "point person" available to coordinate and provide access to equipment
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
Types of information ADR application seeks:
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
FIELDS for DIRECTORYHere are the fields we would need to include to make sure you get into the Statewide Mediator Directory:1. Name2. County(ies) in which you practice ADR3. Judicial District(s)4. Subject Matter specialties5. Website or other online/ social media professional bio such as Linked-In (if available)6. Email7. Telephone (whichever form you wish to publish)8. Education and Background – brief bio – e.g., JD Fordham University, any ADR professional association certifications, trainings, apprenticeships, etc.9. Languages – any languages other than English in which you are sufficiently fluent to conduct a mediation10. Fee Structure – your private fee structure (not what a court may require for membership on its roster) and whether you have a sliding scale available11. Virtual ability – whether you are able and willing to conduct mediations virtually (i.e., online)Please specify the NYS Unified Court System trial court roster(s) of neutrals on which you are listed and in what capacity (i.
Lisa M. Courtney, Esq.
It depends on the local coordinator/roster to which you apply, their need at any give time. I would follow up after two weeks to confirm receipt, particularly on rosters you have heard today are active.
Laura Kaster